The steps to use a 5×4 camera

In the dark or using a changing bag, load the film slides into our dark slides. Do this at the start so that you don’t miss your shot if you want a particular shot that is, then once the camera is set up the slides are ready to go.
Make sure that the dark slides are the right way round, so that you know which has been exposed once you’ve taken the photograph.

To begin working with the camera fix the camera body to a tripod, do not attempt to continue without the camera on a tripod because it will cause camera shake within your images.
Open the camera so the lens hole is at the front, and make sure that the bellows are attached at the front and rear of the camera – and that none of the nuts on the camera should be completely undone just loosened because they may fall out of place and this would end up needing the camera to be dismantled.
Attach the lens and open the aperture. Making sure tat the front and rear of the camera are in line, level with a small red dot on the gold part as well as on the other part so that the two pieces go together. (However this part is not necessary for the Sinar 5×4 camera).
Use a light meter to take a light reading on the sun setting so it knows it is natural lighting. Then set the shutter speed and aperture on the camera – the aperture being on the top of the lens and the shutter being a silver ring around the lens.
Attach the cable release and move the lenses so its in focus.
After doing this use a dark piece of material and loupe to find the focus on the camera.
Next would be to make sure that the aperture is closed – Do not continue if the aperture is still open!
Load film into the back of the camera or load Polaroid back. Pull out the dark slide and then turn it over once the photograph has been taken and then push back in 1cm.
Press the cable release to capture image, and push the dark slide into holder and remove it from the camera.
Bring back to college to process the film and print the photograph however don’t leave it in there too long because you may forget and the film may end up exposed.